Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Chilled jello worms, iced bitter gourd and more Duotou clams from Putien

Putien, Great World

More food from Putien. Been enjoying the food from this branch at Great World (, , , , , , , , ). In all these visits, we've never felt that their Michelin starred flagship at Kitchener Road was any better.

Putien, chilled jello worms

One of the new items on the menu was described as chilled jello worms. Don't know what those worms were but they had texture that was akin to clams. Said worms were trapped in a savoury jelly that's drizzled over with finely minced garlic, chilli and soy sauce.

Putien, iced bitter gourd

Trying their iced bitter gourd for the first time. These thin shaven and chilled bitter gourd strips were served with a honey dip on the side. Crisp and refreshing they were.

Putien, duotou clams salt & pepper

Salt and pepper 蛏 fried in a light flour coat. We wanted to try more of these Duotou clam dishes since since they were still in the season. Those brown strips were tea tree mushrooms.

Putien, duotou clams steamed with garlic

蛏 steamed with minced garlic. The main flavours came from the pungent sweetness in the garlic and light soya sauce pairing with textures that reminded me of bamboo clams. Nicely done.

Putien, stir fried pig's liver

Stir fried pig's liver. Not bad.

Putien, kelp seedling chicken broth

The other new dish from their menu we picked up were kelp seedlings with minced pork in chicken broth. I liked this.

Putien, rice

Gotta do this with all that right?

Putien, Great World

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