Sunday, May 15, 2022

Kaisen chahan and gyoza from Xing Hua

Xing Hua, seafood fried rice 海鲜炒饭

I've noticed the 海鲜炒饭 on Xing Hua's menu for a while and finally decided to order it. It's not bad. A little low on the salt but there's enough of the eggy flavour that I'd eat this again without qualms. The fish was unfortunately the weakest link. Fresh water with a light muddiness and mushy texture. Using sliced mackerel would have seriously upgraded this plate.

Xing Hua, spicy shrimp dumpling 红油鲜虾抄手

Xing Hua has their take on the 红油抄手......a pork-less 红油鲜虾抄手 that had prawns instead of minced pork stuffings. The saucing was a little mild. Not so spicy and vinegar wasn't as punchy but wasn't bad tasting as a whole.

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