Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A fish burger, sweet potato fries and glass bottled Coke at 2280

2280, Henderson Road

I was curious about the fish burger I noticed on the menu the last time so here's a look at it.

2280, blue cod burger

Liked the firm crisp exterior and the flakey fish meat beneath it. A much better version of Filet O Fish than the Filet O Fish if you catch my drift, with also a much tastier pickle-y dill-y tartare sauce.

2280, sweet potato fries

Didn't remember them having sweet potato fries previously. They're a little oil heavy for fries for some reasons. While I'm am generally not much of a sweet potato fry person, I find those from Black Tap better tasting. Prefer the regular fries here. 

2280, coke zero

Coke Zero in a glass bottle. These seem to be more bubbly and less smooth than those plastic bottled or even canned ones.

2280, Henderson Road

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