Friday, May 13, 2022

Sichuan Alley, Telok Ayer

Sichuan Alley, Telok Ayer

Chuan Hung has been rebranded to Sichuan Alley (#01-01, 51 Telok Ayer Street). We liked the food from back then so we came back expecting similar standards since nothing much has actually changed. I was kinda looking forward to trying their red wine brisket and truffle foam noodle but it doesn't seem to be available anymore.

Sichuan Alley, funky livers

Funky Pork Liver is a curious name - I gotta admit that was part of the reasons why we ordered this. This was basically thinly sliced livers in mala sauce and garlic chives. I don't know if I was getting some sweetness amid the heat from the spicy/savoury mala sauce or did I imagine it.

Sichuan Alley, eggs

Says Ramen Egg on the menu and it's 溏心蛋. Not bad, can't argue against the visual appeal of the crystalline orange yolk.

Sichuan Alley, boiled dumplings

Pork dumplings were good. Skin wasn't overly thick and the minced pork stuffings were juicy. Delicious with or without the chilli oil/vinegar dip on the side. 

Sichuan Alley, braised intestines noodles

Pretty good braised pig intestine noodles. A few items stood out for me - the tender intestines, noodles with great texture and the spicy broth which tied the bowl together. 

Sichuan Alley, dan dan noodles

Sichuan Alley's dan dan mian was also pretty memorable. These were less nutty/peanut-buttery than others I've tried in the past. There was a a toasty chilli flavour coupled with savoury spicy sweetness of the minced meat that formed a scattered layer of texture on top of the firm noodles. Nice.

Sichuan Alley, Telok Ayer


ZachSaMe said...

have you tried any super nice korean food in telok ayer? been looking at some list but not sure which to go for with my limited time here in Singapore

LiquidShaDow said...

I can't say that I recalled having any there.