Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Remnants of mycelium routers on a scorched civilization of bacteria and more scrumptiocity at Zazz Pizza

Zazz Pizza, Cross Street Exchange

This was another satisfying meal at Zazz Pizza. One shielded from the blistering heat of this recent super hot weather. This was our 4th visit at this Cross Street Exchange restaurant.

Zazz Pizza, fried calamari

So, the calamari. I'm normally not big on them because they're usually....well, calamari. They're everywhere. Often relegated into menus as an afterthought amongst appetizers because they're for some reasons obligatory or maybe simply because they're popular and they sell. Many are terrible. Zazz's has a dry crunchy batter without excess grease - which was a good thing if you're wondering.

Zazz Pizza, mixed mushroom pizza + ham

Mixed mushroom pizza this time - this one had a lot of mushrooms. Chanterelles, portobello, porcini mushrooms and even wood ear fungus. Perfumed with thyme and truffle cream and then richened with pecorino cheese. We added ham for good measure. 

Zazz Pizza, braised veal cheek pappardelle

There's a pappardelle (made in house) with braised veal cheek. Steaming hot and delicious. Those cheeks were fall apart tender in a richly flavoured meaty sauce with mushrooms. Pasta was superb. This was as good as if not better than their braised lamb fettuccine.

Zazz Pizza, affogato

The affogato felt like a good way to end this.

Zazz Pizza, Cross Street Exchange

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