Sunday, May 01, 2022

More food from piu M

piu M, Fortune Centre

Here's us back at piu M.

piu M, seafood salad

We saw the seafood salad that other people were having previously but they were out of them when we tried to order. We had to get it this time round. Oysters, clams, crab legs, uni and ikura. Frutti di mare much. And something that tasted like dashi jelly infused with garlic.

piu M, Jun Matsubara

In this moment, Jun-san chose to photobomb. I obliged by putting up this picture for posterity. Hahaha...

piu M, chicken liver pâté

A repeat order of their chicken liver pâté. The one with the brûlée shell and spritzes of Yamazki 12. I strongly recommend this.

piu M, sui gyoza season 11

Masako-san wasn't around tonight. We were told that she has gone back to Japan for a while but before she left, she made sure that there were a couple of thousands of her sui gyoza around. Yeah, the same one we had the last time with shiso and that shoyu butter sauce. So in spite of her absence, it was ensured that the dumpling show for season 11 will go on. 

piu M, crab croquette

Tried their crab croquette. Solid panko crust and creamy insides. There were tiny tube pastas in the croquette with all the cream. Couldn't taste much of the crab but as croquette went, this was quite nice.

piu M, iberico pork seafood

This was another item we spied from our last visit. Pan seared boned in chop of Iberico pork with clams cooked in a delicious sauce that tasted of butter, anchovy and capers. Those together with green olives and cherry tomatoes topped with a torched sprig of rosemary. Pork was tender, fatty and had a bite. Lots of clams in there too. This was worth coming back for.

piu M, smoked salted edamame

Some smoked and salted edamame. Nice. I wouldn't have thought much of them by description but the were more enjoyable than I imagined. A large part of it was because of how smoked they were.

piu M, mentaiko spaghetti

Nice mentaiko pasta with onion and shiso. Creamless. For a one man chef behind the counter, Jun-san had excellent timing for the doneness of the spaghetti. 

piu M, matcha parfait

This was the part where I was starting to feel the tiniest bit of reluctance because dessert signified the end of dinner. Matcha parfait which had matcha ice cream, matcha castella (which I had initially thought was warabi mochi), matcha flavoured granola (I suspect from Nissin) and a fried spring roll with adzuki bean paste.

piu M, Fortune Centre

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