Saturday, May 21, 2022

Dark Kamakura beer, burrata and katsuo soba at Healthy Soba IKI

Healthy Soba IKI, Kamakura beer

I've seen the selection of Kamakura beers at Healthy Soba IKI (十一十二十三十四十五) but haven't tried any of them until today when I got a bottle of a dark brew on their recommendation. A dryish moderated hoppy bitterness which kinda felt a like a balanced ale. Smooth drinking but nothing in particular stood out. 

Healthy Soba IKI, burrata kampot pepper

Burrata seemed to have made it as a pretty regular off menu item. We got the one with Kampot pepper this time. The flavour of the pepper was sharp and distinct paired with proper salting and a nutty fragrance from the toasted buckwheat on the milky cheese and fruity olive oil. Don't you already want this?

Healthy Soba IKI, katsuo bonito soba

The current seasonal/limited soba comes with slices katsuo - skipjack tuna. I read that they were the kings of the Japanese culinary world before the current reigning maguro, especially hon maguro. Meat's a bit fishier which I never found issue with for katsuo. The soba came with lime so the flavour profile was a citrus dashi kind of thing.

Healthy Soba IKI, avocado shirasu don

Not forgetting the trusty sidekick of shirasu avocado mini don.

Healthy Soba IKI, One Raffles Place

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