Monday, October 17, 2022

Relish by Wild Rocket, Cluny Court

Relish by Wild Rocket, Cluny Court

The last time we were here at Relish (#02-01 Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, tel : +65 6763 1547) was many years back. For some reasons, the place has fallen under our radar in the past one an a half decade.

Relish by Wild Rocket, lemongrass & ginger

Iced lemongrass & ginger was outstanding. Why? We loved the heat from the ginger in the drink which reminded us of the one from the aged ginger powder from Spa Foods - something we noticed they were also selling. But great lemongrass and ginger on ice.

Relish by Wild Rocket, asahi black

Guess what else they have here.

Relish by Wild Rocket, har cheong frog legs

We ordered prawn paste frog legs (虾酱田鸡). A little greasy but they did a good job out of infusing the crispy prawn paste batter with prawn paste; not forgetting also the tender slurp off the bone meat on the frog legs.

Relish by Wild Rocket, roketto oyster omelette spaghettini

That's the Roketto oyster omelette spaghettini - great umami from dried shrimp in the pasta thats infused with heat. Love those egg strips and fried oysters in there. Could definitely eat this again.

Relish by Wild Rocket, blue cheese william pear burger

I've been wondering about their blue cheese & William pear burger since back in the day. Finally tried it. I liked it. The 'blue cheese-infused beef patty' always had me doubting the blue cheese part. In actuality, it's not so much a cheese infused patty than a cheese stuffed one like a Juicy Lucy. Cheese was wedged in the patty.

Enjoyed this. Could taste that walnut-peanut butter and poached pear so the balance of flavours in the ingredients were done well.

Relish by Wild Rocket, hazelnut latte double

A double shot hazelnut latte to end.

Relish by Wild Rocket, Cluny Court

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