Monday, October 10, 2022

Liang Ji (梁記), Telok Blangah

Liang Ji (梁記), mala bacon fried rice

I gather that Liang Ji (78A Telok Blangah Street 32, #02-01) is better known for their char kuey teow/炒粿条 and chai tow kuey/菜头粿 (stir fried radish cake) but I ended up gravitating towards the mala bacon fried rice because curiosity. 

I enjoyed it and that was largely because the mala flavour was present but not overwhelming so. Much like the mala-bonara that we had recently. That with a bit of heat and salt made it savoury-ishly delicious. I made up one of those words but you get the drift. Liang Ji's fried rice was very much a local rendition rather than the Taiwanese style which many noobs tend to post about and blabber like they're experts on them. Regular jasmine rice with soya sauce and a grainier texture.

Will come back another time for the other stuff.

Liang Ji (梁記), Telok Blangah

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