Friday, October 07, 2022

Saizeriya, Chinatown Point

Saizeriya, Chinatown Point

This happened (#02-10 Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, tel : +65 6822 0340) because I came across the mala-bonara pasta that they were having on a limited time availability. What's that mala-bonara you might wonder. Can't you guess?

Saizeriya, mushroom soup

But first some mushroom soup. At their price point, I've always thought they were underrated.

Saizeriya, cheesy sausages

Beddar Cheddar sausages. I know. But they're nice, smoky and cheesy.

Saizeriya, chicken wings

They also have pretty tasty chicken wings. In spite of appearance, there was actually some crisp to those mid wings.

Saizeriya, mussels spicy broth

Mussels in some spicy tomato broth. Broth's not bad actually and I liked the garlic in them but the mussels were forgettable.

Saizeriya, mala-bonara egg

Didn't look like much but I liked the mala-bonara. If anyone hasn't figured out at this point, it's their spin on a mala carbonara. Salty, savoury and had enough but not too much of that mala flavour that it was enjoyable. At least for me it was. The egg and a bit of the powdered parmesan added richness to the sauce. I like. 

Saizeriya, squid ink egg

Just another round of their squid ink pasta with egg. First time we're egging it. That and the cheese powder made this.

Saizeriya, cheese hamburg

Not a fan of their cheese hamburger. The menu misled us because the picture did not show any sauce slathered over it. Meat's kinda soft. Won't be getting it again.

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