Monday, October 03, 2022

Seafood fried rice from Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺)

Jia Wang Cafe (佳旺), seafood fried rice

Haven't gotten food from Jia Wang for a while. Here's a recent takeaway seafood fried rice (海鮮炒飯). There's like three slices of fish (freshwater), a few pieces of cuttlefish, a couple of tasteless shrimps and ikan bilis. Fried egg's an add on. They need to salt or fish sauce this more because it was just bland. I rescued it with a bottle of trusty Samyang hot sauce.  

In the vicinity, I'd rather pay more for the one with crab sticks from Boon Keng New Taste or Xing Hua's at Tiong Bahru Plaza. I wouldn't say that the ingredients were better to commensurate their price tag for the former and the portions are definitely smaller, but that one tasted a lot better on its own.

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