Monday, September 26, 2022

Lamb pot and a couple of other stuff at Boon Keng New Taste

Boon Keng New Taste, Havelock Road

Looking again at the menu from Boon Keng New Taste, I noticed that they categorized the food into at least a couple of regions from China. The kitchen and staff are Malaysian. So "Malaysian 东北-esque" is probably a pretty accurate description.

Boon Keng New Taste, lamb pot

Noticed that there was a lamb pot in the menu. Was a little excited until they brought it to the table.

Boon Keng New Taste, lamb pot

It's a 麻辣 type of broth as far as I can tell from the Sichuan peppercorns hovering in the range of 小辣. It got pretty salty towards the end. The non-meat ingredients included some bean sprouts, measly portions of thin sliced radish (白萝卜/daikon) and even more measly portions of even more thinly sliced carrots. Heh! I would have loved more bean sprouts and radish in there.

No gripes about the portion of the lamb but they weren't as tender as I was hoping for. Not likely to get this again. 

Boon Keng New Taste, 烧烤 grilled skewers

Standards of their 烧烤 seem to fluctuate. Today's was not as nicely done. The pig intestines were hard and chewy. I recall them being more edible previously. Not in picture was their grilled bread - which was basically sliced white bread with butter and sugar. Today's had garlic as well. Sugared garlic toast! Not bad tasting.

Boon Keng New Taste, seafood fried rice

Fortunately, their seafood fried rice was dependably delicious. Since I hadn't mentioned previously, seafood here translates to some squid, a few shrimps and crab sticks. A little pricey methinks but if I had to call it, I'd take this over Din Tai Fung 99% of the time.

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