Friday, September 23, 2022

Black (Tap) Velvet

Black Tap, peanut butter shake

Have been wanting to get the peanut butter milkshake from Black Tap again for quite a while. The last time happened all the way back from the first visit a few years back. Yeah I'd love to get the Greg Norman again too but we had a delicious substitute today. More on that at the bottom.

Black Tap, buttermilk chicken tenders

One of the things we noticed from previous visits and was curious about was their buttermilk chicken tenders. Enjoyed it. Crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside unlike many "tenders" from fast food joints that weren't actually tender. Those liars! I liked the dips too....buttermilk dill, Korean bbq & lime honey mustard. 

Black Tap, buttermilk coleslaw

Their buttermilk slaw was less sweet than I had imagined. Not bad but if I had to pick a preferred slaw, the one from Luke's is superior. 

Black Tap, lamb burger blue cheese
Black Tap, lamb burger blue cheese
Black Tap, lamb burger blue cheese

*Gee Anzalone drumroll* Behold the Greg Norman substitute. We ordered a lamb burger and swapped the Swiss cheese for the blue one. Damn it was good! Notice we discarded the pickled onions. Do that.

Black Tap, Marina Bay Sands

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