Friday, September 30, 2022

Happy Geprek, Far East Plaza

Happy Geprek, Far East Plaza

I heard of Happy Geprek (#05-99 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road) last year. Have been wanting to try their ayam geprek since, fuelled by the curiosity of the range of sambal that they have. 

Happy Geprek, ayam sambal matah indomie

The first plate we had was with the spicy Indomie with sambal matah - the latter which had sliced red chillis, onions and sparse strips of kaffir lime leaves hadn't much on the more refined and flavourful rendition we encountered at Dancing Fish Signature. While the food packed some heat, neither the spicy Indomie nor that sambal matah were very spicy. Sweat inducing but manageable.

Happy Geprek, ayam sambal udang indomie

The sambal udang had more depth and savouriness, possibly because of shrimps as an ingredient. Not much heat as well. Chickens tasted like the frozen variety and refried on order. Not so tender or moist. 

I had imagined that the spiciness of their sambal would leave the deepest impression but what got to me mostly was the greasiness of the food.  Might not mind eating here if I was here but it's not something I'd come specially for.

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