Thursday, October 06, 2022

Marutama Ramen, Tiong Bahru Plaza

Marutama Ramen, Tiong Bahru Plaza

Haven't walked into Marutama for a long while since the last experience at the old Liang Court which wasn't great. But we're glad we got past the avoidance and gave them another chance today (#02-138 Central Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road).

Marutama Ramen, zenbu nose ramen

Found myself warming up (pun intended) to the zenbu nosé bowl today. That's the tori paitan bowl with pretty much everything in it. The only thing I will forgo the next time is the kakuni which was decent and could be tenderer. Didn't find the pork exceptional or particularly memorable. Also did not recall them having the option to choose the hardness for the noodles back in the past but I'm loving this very hard option which we could pick today.

I'm suddenly very curious as I'm typing this now if they would entertain request for lemon wedges for this bowl. More on why below. Will find out the next time.

Marutama Ramen, aka ramen

This was their aka ramen, the one that's suppose to have nuts in the soup. I've had it previously. Like that time, this was sans coriander. Couldn't taste any nuts. Broth has a less chicken-y intensity and might have the slightest hint of sweetness. But I didn't remember it coming with the wedge of lemon that last time. It gave a lot of citrus lift to the broth that got me really interested in it.

Marutama Ramen, cheese gyoza

Mentai cheese gyozas were not bad. These were meatier than I had imagined.

Marutama Ramen, condiments

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