Tuesday, October 04, 2022

小红 and the Sarawak fusion laksa from Zhong Pin Noodle House (众品麵萬家)

Zhong Pin Noodle House (众品麵萬家), red kolo mee

Another trip to Zhong Pin Noodle House. Got a bowl of their small red kolo mee which they proprietress relayed as 小红.

Zhong Pin Noodle House (众品麵萬家), red kolo mee

The red comes from the char siew sauce so the bowl's a little bit sweet but not excessively so. Between this and the white bowl we had previously, I prefer the latter.

Zhong Pin Noodle House (众品麵萬家), sarawak fusion laksa

Their Sarawak fusion laksa was interesting. Pretty intense flavour from the spices and it was also herbal-ish with some heat. There was something that had been simmered in the broth - maybe fish or prawn. Am unable to tell definitively.

The bowl was served with chilli paste and lime, both of which after adding spruced the flavour of the broth further. Those prawns in there tasted better than they looked. Will definitely not mind eating again.

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