Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Holy Crab, Capitol Piazza

Holy Crab, Capitol Piazza

Been wanting to try Holy Crab (#01-85 Arcade @ Capitol, 13 Stamford Road, tel : +65 8444 2722) for a while. Read that the chef used to operate a private kitchen at his home before the restaurant undertow swept him off his feet. The menu looked interesting and had enough variety that we were slightly overwhelmed by indecisiveness. 

Holy Crab, naked green

Because it was Holy Crab, I wanted to get some crab on this first visit. There's a shelled option called naked green which features crab meat with their Green Mumba sauce that sounded good. Love the heat and loads of flavour from said sauce which involves green chilli, kaffir lime leaves and a bunch of other stuff I couldn't identify.

Was it good? I thought it was expensive for $90 and the meat was dried out. Sauce was fantastic when it was piping hot but the appeal kinda went downhill with the dissipated heat after some time. The lesson learnt here was to get whole crabs the next time. Those looked a lot better.

Holy Crab, stir fried baby kailan

Stir fried kailan with onions, garlic and lard was delicious.

Holy Crab, chao tar bee hoon

Chao tar bee hoon looked nice. Didn't taste as good as it looked. The toasty edges were kinda nice but the dish as whole needed salt and it was pretty greasy that even the small serving was a little too much grease for two persons. That was after we had squeezed in extra limes that they obliged. Some squid, pork belly, two prawns and some bits of egg. That was pretty much it besides the charred bee hoon. Wouldn't get it again.

Holy Crab, rice

We got ourselves steamed rice because of the green sauce and the kailan.

Holy Crab, Capitol Piazza

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