Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tetsu from Ramen Champion

Tetsu, Very Rich Special Paitan Tsukemen
I've been hearing quite a bit of mention on the Very Rich Special Paitan Tsukemen from Ramen Champion and curiosity got the better of me. What is suppose to be special from this stall is a rich viscous broth that was made from pork, chicken and seafood. I really couldn't identify any of the former two flavors as the dominant one was a smoky bonito base that wasn't really very different from the uobushi tonkotsu from the defunct Kusabi. Tetsu just created a richer version in tsukemen style.

I did enjoy this more nonetheless, even if the thick firm noodles felt a little sparse with only a single slice of charshu and tiny strips of menma. The dispenser with the light dashi stock that could be added to the remaining dipping broth would have been a better idea for me if not for those blazing spotlights.

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