Monday, October 24, 2011

A second take on Ikkousha

Ikkousha, charshu ramen
The pictures on the menu of Ikkousha's charshu ramen suggested large thin sheets of ham-like charshu similar to what they have at Keisuke's Tonkotsu King rather than these thick slices. Not complaining but I thought they didn't do as well in this department compared with Gantetsu (which had excellent tender charshu by the way) or even Tetsu. The volume of meat was almost on par with the servings of the not so chewy noodle in a bowl that was laden to the brim.

Yes, I think their Hakata styled noodles here was a bit of a let down as they weren't as full of bite as I preferred. The broth tasted thicker than I remember it from the first time. To expand on my thoughts on their particular brand of tonkotsu broth, I liked how robust it was right from the get-go. That strength of however didn't hold out as well against something that's less rich. Gotta finish this fast before the surfeit kicks in.

The ajitama today tasted like plain boiled eggs!

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ah Teo said...

I would like to try the charshu ramen someday. Looks good.