Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dry ba chor mee sua from Yan Kee

Yan Kee, mee sua

The specialty from this stall (21 South Bridge Road, BK Eating House) is their minced meat noodles which comes with mee sua rather than the usual mee kia or mee pok. Beside that, it was also a bowl of ba chor mee without sliced pig liver. The default portion was definitely small for a hungry person at $3.50. 

So how did that go? The bowl turned out to be pretty good and I liked it. Using mee sua allowed the flavours of their mixed sauce to be absorbed rather than just being coated over the surface of the noodles. What stood out were the vinegar and some heat from the chilli. Wouldn't mind eating them again if I were round the corner but I think they're a little pricey for such puny portions. The fish balls that they're selling looked pretty big. Maybe the next time.

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FoodieFC said...

Mee sua, it will adsorb all the sauce =)