Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Dinner at Old Hong Kong

It was a little difficult deciding how I felt about the food here. On one hand, it was decently respectable cooking. I did enjoy the Peking duck even though it wasn't the best I've had. The tofu was competently done and the ee fu noodles made from the left over meat from the duck were more fragrant than I had expected. The garlicky broth from the poached vegetables was not bad too.Link
The flip side was that it wasn't anything spectacular as well. I'm talking about an uninspiring durian paste prawns that lacked the oomph factor in flavors and aroma. And in the end, everything felt like it just made borderline passable.

Which means that I'm not particularly enthusiastic about coming to eat here again. Except maybe for the dim sum.

Peking duck rolls

deep fried prawns with durian paste

braised tofu with wild mushrooms and scallops

poached spinach with 3 eggs

braised ee fu noodles with shredded duck

sesame encrusted deep fried black sesame paste pancakes

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