Sunday, June 05, 2011

Steaking out at Pepper Lunch

This was a pleasant surprise after throwing my usual caution to the winds and getting caught up with the advertisement banners just outside Pepper Lunch (350 Orchard Road, Basement Level Shaw House). I hadn't stepped into this place in years. We were drawn in mostly by the big ribeye and thick steak on the said advertisements. Fortunately, they arrived pretty much like how it looked in the pictures.

We got to work as soon as possible on the sizzling hot plates, flipping the steaks and having them rested on the bowls of rice after getting that nice browning on the surface, trying not to let them get overdone. The end turned out to be pretty enjoyable even though frozen meat might have been involved and the steaks were actually pretty decent for what we were paying for. It was nice to note that the mashed potato on the side was addictively buttery. The accompanying cheese sauce option on the side of the thick steak was however, totally forgettable.

I'm actually considering coming back in spite of the smell that the splattering grease tends to cling onto the clothes.

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