Thursday, November 10, 2022

Mudskippers and cabbage rice at Putien

Putien, mudskippers

Hmmmm....mudskippers. Never had them before. Haven't seen them at Putien before (, ) as well either. Apparently a seasonal for their 22nd year anniversary.

Putien, salt and pepper mud skippers

Because we wanted to avoid dealing with much of the small bones in the fish we were recommended the deep fried with salt and pepper preparation (香酥椒盐跳跳鱼). Tasted like most white fish. Because of their size, it reminded me of shishamo without roe. Just a little - I couldn't eat them whole because some of the bones had to be removed.

Putien, cabbage rice

Tried their cabbage rice for the first time as well. It's bland. The rendition here wasn't the cabbage rice we had in mind. But now we know. It's also kinda odd because none of their other rice/ noodle dishes had so little flavour.

Putien, glutinous rice dessert

There's a glutinous rice dessert called 香甜金钱粿 that we kinda enjoyed. Sweet and chewy like mochi, aromatized with nuts and sesame.

Putien, Great World

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