Friday, November 04, 2022

Seared, Tanglin Place

Seared, Tanglin Place

Seared (#B1-01 Tanglin Place, 91 Tanglin Road, tel : +65 9826 5529) has taken over the spot left behind by Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill. If you hadn't already caught up, Dan Ryan's has thrown in the towel after almost three decades.

Seared, water

These guys style themselves as a steakhouse. We came over with intention of taking advantage of their very reasonably price tomahawks but got distracted by other things.

Seared, steak tartare

We had steak tartare. It's not the better one out there. Seared's rendition was so sauced out that most of the flavour was the sauce. Which didn't taste very different from a random bottle of Thousand Island dressing if you get my drift. Wouldn't get it again.

Seared, lamb chops

Lamb was passable. Too much marinate and a little too skinny. Mint sauce on the side was too sweet. Base on how much meat/fat and flavour, I'd say the recent one we had at Pura Brasa was cheaper, more and better tasting than this one. This one wasn't bad, it just wasn't good enough. Wouldn't get this again.

Seared, cheeseburger

Burger's decent. Nice salt and pepper from the patty. Buns were really soft.  I'd say this was worth half of what they charged and they could honestly do away with the other things on the plate. Like the obligatory and mediocre sides of salad, fries and onion rings which we had to pay for.

Seared, Tanglin Place

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