Saturday, November 12, 2022

Revisiting Run Ji Cooked Food (润记熟食)

Run Ji Cooked Food (润记熟食), Chinatown Food Centre

I haven't eaten at Run Ji in over a decade. Not sure what exactly has changed but the person in the stall didn't look familiar and the food was different from what I had previously. There's no longer hae bi hiam topping for the rice and I don't recall that rice being this sticky and short grained. But I like this current sauce they drizzled over which tasted of sesame oil amongst soya sauce and light herbal sweetness.

Run Ji Cooked Food (润记熟食), braised duck pig's skin tau kwa

This was a plate of braised duck drumstick (鸭尾) with pig's skin and tau kwa. Some parts of the meat were relatively tender while others were a bit more chewy. It did inherit a good flavour from the braising sauce; ditto for the pig's skin.

Run Ji Cooked Food (润记熟食), Chinatown Food Centre

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