Friday, November 25, 2022

Revisiting Legendary Hong Kong

Legendary Hong Kong, Rochester Commons

We scored a seat in the air conditioned balcony at Legendary Hong Kong today.

Legendary Hong Kong, noodles

They have one of the better gong zai meen (公仔面) I've tasted in my limited experience with them in cha chan tang sort of places. Why? They've thought though enough of this simple dish to not overcook the noodle. Pretty good texture for instant noodles. I'm speaking from the experience of having this the second time here.

Legendary Hong Kong, beef tripe

Stewed tripe. An order had pretty generous portions. Flavour was nice but this was something one would want to eat while it's hot because it hardens as it cools.

Legendary Hong Kong, ribena

Pretty surprised by their hot Ribena. If my memory didn't fail me, this was almost as good as the one we had at Aberdeen

Legendary Hong Kong, seafood hor fun

Seafood hor fun was blandish. But there's chilli on the side and sliced chilli one could request for. Those and with a splash of light soya sauce, this turned out pretty darn good. Some of the smokiness came through after that.

Legendary Hong Kong, prawn paste mid wings

Nice prawn paste mid wings.

Legendary Hong Kong, lettuce

Was surprised that I enjoyed the boiled lettuce with oyster sauce as much as I did. I must be getting old.

Legendary Hong Kong, shrimp dumplings

These were prawn dumplings stuffed with whole shrimp in them along with minced meat. Not bad tasting but I do have a couple of thoughts on how they could be improved. Involves more lard and thinner skins.

Legendary Hong Kong, coffee

Coffee's okay. I kinda know what to expect out of them so the bar is never set high for them.

Legendary Hong Kong, crispy condense milk toast


Legendary Hong Kong, Rochester Commons

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