Sunday, November 06, 2022

Ming's Prawn Noodle (鳴), Tan Boon Liat Building

Ming's Prawn Noodle (鳴), Tan Boon Liat Building

I remember Ming's Prawn Noodle (#01-00 Tan Boon Liat Building, 313 Outram Road) from Alexandra Food Village. Never had the chance to try them before they folded there. Seems like they have re-emerged.

Ming's Prawn Noodle (鳴), Tan Boon Liat Building

Their signature bowl of prawn noodle has pork ribs. I added pig's tails. 

To run through the gamut of ingredients - broth has prawn flavour but it's not intense, prawns were pretty decent tasting, pork ribs had a bite but not slurp off the bone tender and fortunately those pig tails were tenderer than the ribs. Yellow noodles were unimpressively limp. Nothing points to greatness. 

Can't say that it's bad but it's also not outstanding. I asked for extra fried pork lard and I've a couple of thoughts on it. Didn't think much of the guy saying that they normally charge extra for those and that they wouldn't do it this time round. If the policy was to charge, just do it and hopefully they're good quality. They weren't. The fried lard wasn't fresh or even fragrant much. Ditto for the shallots. Wouldn't come back for it. Prefer Covent Garden Prawn Noodle in the vicinity.  

Ming's Prawn Noodle (鳴), hokkien mee

Thoughts on their Hokkien mee were a bit more......complex. I normally like them dry and these were just it. But there wasn't much flavour from the prawn or seafood stock they used for the noodles. I liked how they had scorched the noodles with charring. This made them firm and smoky. It's actually a pretty delicious eat with the chilli paste. If one didn't think of it as Hokkien mee or compared with other good renditions, it didn't taste bad at all. Nothing particularly outstanding about the prawns or clams.

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