Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Revisiting Pura Brasa

Pura Brasa, Guoco Tower

I remember not being impressed by Pura Brasa the first and last time we were here. Back in the day when this building they were at was still called Tanjong Pagar Plaza rather than Guoco Tower and the quality of their Jamón ibérico didn't look all that great.

Food was noticeably better this time round though.

Pura Brasa, tortilla

That tomato purée on crispy crystal bread thingy was refreshing and likeable. Could have been on a next level if they had used a better (also read as fruitier) olive oil but whatever. Tortilla was decent.

Pura Brasa, josper lamb chops

Pretty impressed by their Josper grilled lamb racks. Sizeable chunks of meat with crusty burnt end bits that's unadulterated by anything but salt and pepper. Also quite a bit of fat with pretty lamb-y flavour that's in your face. I did not expect this and was pleasantly surprised.

Pura Brasa, josper lamb chops

What propped those ribs of lamb up were Padron pepper and potatoes. They're getting points for relevant vegetables on the side instead of "mesclun greens".

Pura Brasa, josper hamburger

Their burger was labeled under a section call Pure Hamburger. Patty's wagyu - Josper grilled and no less. What got my attention was that other than the meat, there were only a couple of slices of nutty cheese and some sweet caramelized onions. No nonsense in there folks. They were serious about showcasing the burger and I thought it tasted pretty good. Wouldn't mind coming back for it again kind of good. 

Pura Brasa, Guoco Tower

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