Sunday, November 20, 2022

L' Arte Pizza & Focaccia, Guoco Tower

L' Arte Pizza & Focaccia, chevre

I was curious about L' Arte Pizza (#01-14, Guoco Tower, 5 Wallich Street, tel : +65 8932 2923) because I've read the chef, a Radostin Kiryazov described as Bulgaria’s ‘God of Pizza’. Also gathered that they're doing Romana pizza which as I understand was pizza al taglio

If shops were a representative of their chefs, I'd say that Bulgaria’s ‘God of Pizza’ isn't on the same level of playing field as Italy's' Michelangelo of pizza'.

L' Arte Pizza & Focaccia, cotto & fungi

Bread was airy and crunchy - but it didn't taste like the ones I've had in Rome which were generally more rich in olive oil. The toppings were decent quality but not particularly memorable or outstanding. I guess Pizzarium had left a benchmark I'll never meet here.

L' Arte Pizza & Focaccia, Guoco Tower

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