Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The shoyu bowl and the spicy miso megamen with new charshu at Brothers Ramen

Brothers Ramen, International Plaza

While I am sure that they have amassed their legion of appreciators, this might have been the first time we've seen a line outside Brothers Ramen. But then again, this was also the first time we've arrived at their shop just before they're open for business.

Brothers Ramen, shoyu ramen

That's their shoyu bowl which I've been wanting to try for some time. I liked the broth - parts of it reminded me of cheap fried sausages for some reason and I had meant that in a positive way in case anyone was wondering. Delicious cheap fried sausages. That and how those firm thin noodles had soaked up the broth. I'd rank this up there with their tori paitan bowls. Will be back for more of this.

Brothers Ramen, spicy miso megamen

Wanted to get a megamen because they've a new charshu for it. Was intending to get my usual order of the dry spicy one when I noticed that there was a miso bowl for the megamen which I've never seen before. So here's that spicy miso megamen. Didn't get the extra bean sprouts today.

While in general I've never been much of a miso ramen person, I did enjoy this more than I had expected. Broth was thick, salty and rich with flavour and a spicy warmth. I almost finished it all. 

Did not think that the new charshu was remarkable though. It's a little dry. I like the dark soya sauce stewed pork belly better because those were much more tender. 

Brothers Ramen, International Plaza

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