Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Of blistered tongue, dead cows and Halloween at Ma Maison Kitchen

Ma Maison, 100AM

We're here for Ma Maison Kitchen's Halloween themed food. The last time we were here at Samhain's was our first visit a couple of years back.

Ma Maison, fried gyutan

Got ourselves some deep fried gyutan for starters. We had these the last time we were here. Crispy on the edges and chewy as you got to the centre of each piece. All the chewing brought out the mixture of flavours from the fried flour and the tongue. 👍🏼 

Ma Maison, keema curry beef omu rice

That's their keema curry beef omu rice. Pretty solid curry flavour which was garlicky and also unusual for Japanese curry. This reminded me of the one we had at Nirai-Kanai. The slices of sirloin was delicious and tender.

Ma Maison, spooky plate

We came here today for the Spooky Plate. It's not so visible but on the plate was more sirloin in some balsamic glaze which I suspect was cooked with blueberries. Or some other berry. Or grapes. I'm not sure which. Fruity, tangy and sweet with the savoury steak. 

They also managed to coax some intense flavours out of those thin dried slices of mushrooms and there was a pile of moreish squid ink garlic butter rice on the side. Beneath that bat shaped slice of cheese. Fries, olives and purple cabbage slaw too. I liked this.  

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