Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Peach beer, black curry and bonito tonkotsu at Ippudo

Ippudo Ramen

Saw that Ippudo has a black curry ramen so wanted to try it.

Ippudo, peach beer

Happenstance also found us peach beer currently on the menu - there were cubes of sweet canned peaches with syrup in the beer. Didn't deny that guilty pleasure.

Ippudo, black curry ramen

The black curry ramen was suppose to have won some award. What award that was and who awarded them, no body seems to know. Tasted spices and squid ink in the thick curry which also had its brand of sweetness that was unlike most Japanese curry.

Noodles weren't the thin Hakata type, it was more like tagliolini. Not bad tasting but it also only good for a one exploratory bowl for me. Wouldn't get it again.

Ippudo, bonito tonkotsu ramen

We've seen the bonito tonkotsu bowl in Ippudo's menu since pretty much the beginning but have never tried it until today. This bowl had a thick broth which was smokey, sweet and savoury - nothing like the one from Ikkousha. Underneath were the thin and wiry Hakata noodles. This one blew Ikkousha's rendition out of the water.

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