Monday, November 28, 2022

More stuff from Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊)

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), tripe

Here's a few items from Happy Lamb Hotpot we haven't tried previously. Like the beef book tripe which was served cooked. The reason you'd swish them in the hotpot is to get them nice and warm. Nice beefy flavour with a tender but chewy texture. 

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), beef short rib

Beef short rib was not bad. Nice texture from the slightly thicker sliced meat but the flavour had less intensity than I was hoping for.

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), premium lamb

What I liked much better was their premium marble lamb which was tender and filled with all that wonderful lamb flavour. Note to self : get this again!

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