Sunday, November 14, 2021

Revisiting Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊)

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), ewe

Heh, we are back at Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊). The crowd's a little thin at the weekend so that worries me, but hey, look at that ewe! 

Like the last visit, the focus is mainly on the lamb. And the prawn paste with tobiko which I forgot to take a picture of which I will mention so that years later I could remember that we did like it as well.

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), lamb skewers 羊肉串

After we processed the bill the last time, we were given a voucher which we could use to redeem some of their food items. One of the items included was their lamb skewers (羊肉串). No prizes for guessing what we used that voucher for. Man it was good.

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), sliced lamb

Like I said, the main focus goes to the lamb. We got ourselves three cuts with their Nourishing Marrow Chicken Broth.

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), sun lamb roll

No Melaleuca rib this time. Picked the Sun Lamb Roll (太阳卷) which seemed to be undergoing some promotion. Pretty good meating.

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), mutton balls

Upped the number of mutton balls from 6 to 10.

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), sesame sauce

Although no dip was necessary or provided, we paid a dollar for their sesame paste. That paste was creamy and aromatic from the sesame - like a Chinese tahini. I can see why they charged for this.

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), tofu

More tofu because these were good with the hotpot.

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), daikon

Daikon that got thrown in the hotpot at the start so that there was enough time to soften and absorb the lamb infused broth.

Happy Lamb Hotpot (快乐小羊), mongolian yoghurt

 Told ya we'll be back for the Mongolian yoghurt.

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