Monday, November 08, 2021

LINO, Forum The Shopping Mall

LINO, Forum The Shopping Mall

Lino by the Les Amis Group has been expanding. They started out as a more or less traditional-ish Italian restaurant at Binjai Park. That was followed by their pasta bar at Shaw. This new outpost (#01-01/04 Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road) took over the space left behind by Jamie Oliver's restaurant at Forum The Shopping Mall. Felt more like a mall restaurant than an Italian one though.

LINO, maximon porter

Managed to be upsold by one of their wait staff to buy an expensive bottled serious beer for not so serious people. This was malty, chocolate-y with a sweet aftertaste. Not spicy even though the label indicated that it was made with chili.

LINO, smoked scamorza

I was quite convinced that these were potatoes even though I knew I ordered smoked scamorza - right till the moment I put them into my mouth because they looked so much like them. Even the texture had just the slightest mealiness like potato. But they were scarmoza, albeit unlike those we've had previously. Not bad tasting though. A little smoky and not overly salty, paired with prosciutto and rocket drizzled generously with balsamic glaze.

LINO, trofie pesto

Liked the trofie though the basil pesto seemed to lack cheese and garlic so the punch and umami was kinda lost. Pine nuts would have benefited from a bit of toasting. Otherwise not bad tasting. 

LINO, foie gras pizza

The ingredients of their foie gras pizza were set up not to fail - bacon, caramelized onion, sweet slices of peaches with the foie. That was multi layered sweetness and savoury saltiness with slices of buttery liver on melted cheese bread. I liked it.

LINO, pecan tart

Was expecting them to heat up their pecan tart but it was served chilled. Not bad though not one of the better pecan tart things I've had.

LINO, espresso

Espresso was sour. No more getting coffee if we come back.

LINO, Forum The Shopping Mall

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