Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Riverside Grilled Fish (江边城外), Tiong Bahru Plaza

Riverside Grilled Fish (江边城外), Tiong Bahru Plaza

Riverside Grilled Fish setup shop (#02-109/136 Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road, tel : +65 6270 9646) a while back. We had a pretty good experience at the flagship at Raffles City some years ago and have been wanting to try this one out for a while. Never happened until now.

Riverside Grilled Fish (江边城外), sour plum coke

Sour plum coke. Nice but a little sweet.

Riverside Grilled Fish (江边城外), 麻酱拉皮 sesame flat glass noodles

There's 麻酱拉皮. I'm not sure how to feel about their rendition.

Riverside Grilled Fish (江边城外), 麻酱拉皮 sesame flat glass noodles

The sesame dressing was sweet - not that it was bad but it tasted exactly like the goma dressing in Japanese salads. No heat incoming even with the dried chilli in there. While I'm not an expert on this dish, I thought what it lacked was fragrance. Fragrance from the sesame and/or chilli oil that would transcend the bowl of ingredients.

Riverside Grilled Fish (江边城外), 红油抄手 hong you chao shou

Abundance's red hot chilli dumplings were way superior than these 红油抄手 here. The former had more skilful wrapping and were firmly packed with stuffings along with better tasting chilli sauce/oil. These weren't even close. They didn't taste bad with the pork/prawn stuffings but were just easily forgettable.

Riverside Grilled Fish (江边城外), fragrant spicy french beans 香辣干扁四季豆

Didn't think much of their stir fried French beans too. It's not so much the inferior quality in the ingredient than how they concocted their rendition. It's a little too sweet and not savoury enough without much heat.

Riverside Grilled Fish (江边城外), 酸菜鱼 fish pickled vegetable soup

Fortunately, their sliced fish in pickled vegetable soup (酸菜鱼) held up. To be specific, it's pickled mustard greens. There's enough saltiness, sour and heat with the light aroma of the peppers that made them moreish. Not to mention pretty generous portions of those firm slices of fish.

Riverside Grilled Fish (江边城外), rice

Gotta have rice with the pickled vegetable soup because they were made to go well together.

Riverside Grilled Fish (江边城外), Tiong Bahru Plaza

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