Friday, November 05, 2021

Buah long long juice, rose wine chicken and water dumplings at Beauty World Food Centre

buah long long juice

What's buah long long some of you might wonder? It's a fruit which is also known as ambarella or June plum and isn't so commonly seen these days here. They're sour in a fruity manner and pretty astringent. A fruit stall here had the juice. I read that the vitamin C content of the fruit helps in tissue repair and nourishes the skin while increasing production of collagen, improving the beauty of the skin. Why not?

It's not bad. There's some pink-y stuff at the bottom which was sweet and that kinda helped reduce the astringency. Pretty refreshing and I needed that today.

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle Rice (香港玫瑰油鸡麵饭), chicken drumstick rice

So I wanted to try the chicken rice from Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle Rice (香港玫瑰油鸡麵饭) to see if their rice was good. Flavour was light and I thought I detected a hint of ginger. Didn't realize that they'd ladle some of the gloopy sauce for the chicken though and I would have preferred it if they hadn't. I got a better taste of the chilli this time though and the prickle was sharp and refreshing with a hint of bitterness.

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle Rice (香港玫瑰油鸡麵饭), sui gao soup

While I didn't dislike the soya sauce chicken, I'm of the opinion that the sui gao is what I got me coming back to the stall. I just had to do a bowl of them with the savoury cuttlefish-y (or scallop-y) soup. Now I question if I really did like Xiang Jiang better. Need to go back again.

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