Saturday, November 20, 2021

Wen Ge Charcoal Delights (文哥烧腊), Bukit Merah View

Wen Ge Charcoal Delights(文哥烧腊), mala three treasures noodle

These guys (116 Bukit Merah View) are the roast meats stall located at the same coffee shop as Tian Tian Hainanese Curry Rice (天天海南咖哩飯). What piqued my interest about them was that they had mala three treasure noodle (麻辣三宝面).

I kinda enjoyed it. Just as I had suspected, it wasn't very 辣 and does not 麻 at all. It was that Szechuan peppercorn flavour in their blend of chilli paste they used which gave a hint of mala flavour and that was pretty much it. Couldn't even content with the sweetness from those sausages or from the burnt ends of the char siew - both of which were nice by the way. Roast pork was respectably tender and meaty. Will come back another time.

Wen Ge Charcoal Delights(文哥烧腊), Bukit Merah View

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