Thursday, November 11, 2021

Revisiting Mrs Pho House

Mrs Pho, crab bisque hotpot

This revisit to Mrs Pho House was to hit up some of their barbeque/grill items and also take advantage of the half price promotion for their hotpot broth which has been extended till the end of the month. It was specifically the crab bisque broth for the hotpot that we came back for.

Mrs Pho, phoever young

So before the food arrived, a glass of Phoever Young. Tacky sounding drink made with pennywort, coconut water and green bean. Supposedly good for health but I'll never drink enough to find out. Tasted like it was made with pennywort, coconut water and green bean. A pretty green-y flavour which wasn't very sweet.

Mrs Pho, grilled mussels

Grilled mussels were not bad. Not the plumpest but still meaty resting in their juices on the shell. Would have been nicer if the crushed peanuts weren't just a token sprinkling. 

Mrs Pho, bbq marinated pork belly

Marinated pork belly on skewer were not bad too. These were single long strips of pork belly folded in the the skewer so it was a pretty large mouthful. 

Mrs Pho, bbq lady's finger fermented tofu sauce

Nice tender lady's fingers made more delicious with their fermented beancurd sauce.

Mrs Pho, bbq mountain styled chicken skewers

Got ourselves their mountain styled chicken again. Looked different from the last time but still delicious.

Mrs Pho, bbq mountain styled zucchini

Another mountain styled item, this time it was zucchini slices which were tender and pleasantly sweet, paired with the salty "mountain spice".

Mrs Pho, stuffed squid pineapple sauce

Their stuffed squid sounded interesting. Not bad also. Squid was stuffed with minced meat and had a nice char at the tentacles. It was mentioned on the menu to be "Mrs Pho's childhood favourite". Who the hell is Mrs Pho? I thought it was just a name. 😱 Anyway, they did this with a pineapple sauce which had a good flavour from the fruit without being overly sweet.

Mrs Pho, fish maw

Here begins the hotpot stuff. We had some fish maw. Not the better ones we've had but I think I was forgiving because the idea was for these to soak up the crab bisque.

Mrs Pho, pig's stomach

More pig's stomach which was good with their spicy fermented beancurd dip.

Mrs Pho, prawn paste with dill

Their house made prawn paste which I didn't get to show the last time. These were pretty well done with chunks of shrimp in the paste. Loved how the dill integrated with them. Works with their sweet calamansi dip.

Mrs Pho, beef balls

Beef balls. Decent but nothing special. Great with the spicy fermented beancurd dip.

Mrs Pho, pork belly

Frozen pork belly which were oddly folded. We had initially thought that they were thick slices but that was because each piece was folded in half. Pretty good stand alone or with both dips that they provided. 

Mrs Pho, beef

Frozen beef slices which were also pretty good on their own. I don't know if the salt came from a marinate or the crab bisque. Hmmm......

Mrs Pho, watercress

Some watercress for fibre. These were pretty stem-my and those fibrous stems took a long time to soften.

Mrs Pho, calamansi fermented tofu dip

There - the sweet and fruity calamansi dip with a hint of garlic which I had been mentioning. And also that delicious spicy fermented beancurd dip.

Mrs Pho, avocado coffee

Tried their avocado coffee. I liked that the coffee itself was strong. I'm not assuming that all Vietnamese restaurants makes nice strong coffee.

Mrs Pho, takashimaya

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