Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Warm Up Cafe, MacKenzie Road

Warm Up Cafe, MacKenzie Road

I wouldn't say that this spot is obscure (110 Mackenzie Road, tel : +65 8723 2332). It's not. It's just off the main road. Sequestered among a few other equally off the main road condominiums close to the back of the Istana. And also a few minutes walk from one of the entrances to Little India MRT. A single Thai eatery in a location that one might not generally expect.

Warm Up Cafe, thai green tea

We had iced Thai green milk tea. And also cha yen later on. Having Thai tea here is akin to getting Hong Kong milk tea. While the standards may be better these days from some restaurants, it's never really going to taste like the real stuff where it came from. Tea here is a little thinner than what would garner a thumbs up.

Warm Up Cafe, fish sauce cabbage

Wanted some vegetable so their cabbage stir fried in fish sauce sounded good. Cabbage was very crunchy and thankfully cooked enough without any residual rawness. Pretty tasty but not exactly how I imagined it.

Warm Up Cafe, thai river prawns

We noticed Thai river prawns on the menu and wanted to get a couple to see if they do nice Thai river prawns. Did not see any indication that they were grilled even though they were supposed to be. Didn't recall any smokiness or char but the prawns were pretty tasty and not dried out. Pretty good with the accompanying nam jim. Just not as large as I was hoping them to be.

Warm Up Cafe, shrimp paste fried rice

That's shrimp paste fried rice. Loads of flavour and texture from the vegetables. The chilli burnt my lips.

Warm Up Cafe, crab bah mee

There's crab bah mee which wasn't a quarter as spicy as its dark reddish looks suggested. There was a dark sauce with a gentle sweetness coupled with flavour from garlic. Wasn't expecting that dark sauce though. Quite a bit of crab meat in the noodles. Not bad tasting.

Warm Up Cafe, MacKenzie Road

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