Saturday, November 13, 2021

S'Mao Barbecue, Cluny Food Court

S'Mao Barbecue, Cluny Food Court

Les Amis Group has opened Cluny Food Court - their very first food court located at one of the edges of Botanic Gardens (1J Cluny Road). One of the stalls in that food court was S'mao Barbecue which I had read about some time ago that operated Texan styled barbecue in some kind of pop-up-esqued mode at the defunct Casa Verde, helmed by a CIA graduate who also did a stint in North Carolina and a popular food truck in Austin. Sounds legit. I think.

I confess to having trouble navigating to the food court coming in from Bukit Timah Gate. I had to Google Map my way to the place.

S'Mao Barbecue, pulled pork sandwich cornbread

We were there lunch time. No barbecue for lunch 😢, only a couple of sandwiches so I settled for the pulled pork. The sauce was smoky, not bad tasting and not outstanding either. Meat portions were kinda skimpy. The sandwich included bits of basil and mint. Didn't like the coleslaw and fries were kinda limp without much flavour or salt. Their rosemary scented corn cakes were not bad tasting though. I'm curious about their barbecue but it's kinda pain in the ass getting there and out.

Cluny Food Court

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