Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Imma katsu

Imakatsu, cheese tonkatsu

Haven't eaten at Imakatsu for a while so I ordered a cheese tonkatsu which I hadn't seen on their menu before since the rosu katsu with garlic seemed to be no longer available. Felt disappointing as a whole because it wasn't so cheesy and the tonkatsu was kinda small. Even the one from Tonkichi was nicer. I recall remarking on their slipping standards as a tonkatsu shop a few years back and this one didn't change my mind on it.

Imakatsu, seafood katsu curry rice

Their seafood katsu curry rice featured a couple of oysters, some dry salmon and a prawn. Not a fan of the boring salmon but the other fried items were passable. Am pretty sure that the panko breading is heavier these days than in the past. Curry was disappointing though. Lacked body and wasn't particularly aromatic. Keria as an all rounder made much better curry katsu. Imma stick to Tonkatsu by Ma Maison for the katsu fixes yet I wonder how the shop at Star Vista fares.

Imakatsu, cheese tonkatsu teishoku

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