Friday, June 02, 2017

Imakatsu, Guoco Tower

Imakatsu, garlic rosu katsu teishoku

Imakatsu has opened up another branch at Guoco Tower (#01-06 Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street, tel : +65 6822 7912) not too long back. The menu hasn't changed very much. I'm actually pretty happy that they retained some of the things that I liked their old menu.

Imakatsu, garlic rosu katsu

One of which was the rosu katsu with garlic. It's a little smaller in size than the other tonkatsu options which they have. A thin slice of garlic is wedged between the meat and the flavour of that goes into the pork. This set comes with shoyu and wasabi which the other sets do not. Sauceless, mustard or shoyu is the way to go.

Imakatsu, mentaiko rosu katsu

Their mentaiko rosu katsu is another one of their tonkatsu offerings that I liked. It didn't used to be on the regular menu. Now it is. Yay to that! The portions of the mentaiko are still as generous as ever. There's enough of the roe to go around the katsu and rice.

Imakatsu, cheese katsu

I don't remember noticing their cheese katsu before so we ordered one to try. It's actually quite tasty. Slightly stinky in a cheesy way and I think there is a layer between the breading and the cheese that tasted like mochi.

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