Sunday, June 18, 2017

Siak Ann Cooked Food, Havelock Road Food Centre

Siak Ann Cooked Food, Havelock Road Food Centre

This was a curry rice stall (#01-07 Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre, 22A/B Havelock Road) not a few units away from Covent Garden Kway Chap. I have reason to believe that the name of the was retained from previous tenant which did cze char. Anyways, the current stall seemed to have been around for some years operating with a little yellow signage which says '大牌38咖哩飯' (Block 38 curry rice).

Stall's run by an elderly couple and the food's old school. Well, to be a little more precise here, it would be old school to locals who are at least about as old as I am. 

These folks do the kind of pork chop which are pretty much red lard crisps - a similar style to that nameless Beo Crescent Hainanese curry rice stall. Crispy and kinda dissolves into a savoury lard-y flavour once you've crushed them between your teeth. There's stewed cabbage which were tender and light on flavour, curried squids which were actually pretty good and hard boiled egg. Just a handful among the offerings that the stall had. Made a very satisfying weekend breakfast. Will be back.

Update 13/8/2017

Siak Ann Cooked Food, Havelock Road Food Centre

Very satisfying breakfast of delicious curry over rice. Meatballs were tasty in a homely manner. Luncheon meat nicely pan fried and not forgetting those crispy, lardy pork chops.

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