Wednesday, June 07, 2017

One Night Only, River Valley Road

One Night Only, River Valley Road

This (397 River Valley Rd, tel : +65 6235 1248) would be probably the closest we have ever gotten to an American styled diner. 'Styled' being the operative word here. Serving what could be considered a curated selection of "diner classics" with a touch of the Southern cooking from the US of A. Brought to us by the people behind Muchachos and The Daily Cut? Sure, why not?

One Night Only, chicken fried steak

We had their chicken fried steak. Liked it because it was exactly what it claimed to be. The meat had a nice spiced breading, tasted like a tender beef schnitzel and was doused with a quite nice cream sauce. Flavours were much better than I had imagined. That corn bread on the side was moist and crumbly.

One Night Only, shrimp etouffee

There was also a shrimp étouffée - something definitively Cajun/Creole that is rather uncommon in this part of the world. Which was by the way, also much better tasting that the looks suggested. That spicy sauce had a good crustacean flavour. While I'm may not be any expert on them, I know enough about food in general to declare that this dish of shellfish gravy over rice was pretty tasty. Loved those shrimps. Mac and cheese was likeable and I dug those beans for some reasons.

One Night Only, River Valley Road

In the words of a certain ex-governor spoken once upon a time in shades and black leather jacket, I'll be back.

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