Thursday, June 29, 2017

Blackened catfish from One Night Only

One Night Only, blackened catfish

Here's a not so blackened looking blackened catfish from One Night Only. I can't say that I recall having these before so I haven't really got anything to compare them to. But, I did think that it was quite enjoyable. The catfish was so tender that I'm surprised it came out in one piece. I liked that it was sufficiently salted.

By the way those biscuits and gravy were way better than the shockingly mediocre ones from Clinton Street Baking Co. Creamed corn here was amazing for me. It turned out to be milky sweet instead of savoury and for something that was sweet, it was unexpectedly addictive. Yeah we did get creamed corn. You can see the couple of kernels that I accidentally dropped on the table on the top left.

One Night Only, River Valley Road

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