Thursday, November 18, 2021

Mapo tofu don from Keisuke Gyoza King

Keisuke Gyoza King, mapo tofu don poster

Keisuke Gyoza King has mapo tofu don on their menu limited to 15 serves a day. I don't know for how long has this been available but we wanted to find out how it tasted. One gets bottomless pickled vegetables and bean sprouts with a soup of choice like their gyoza teishoku. The difference for the mapo tofu don was that it came with 3 gyozas instead of 5 and their side dishes are excluded though one can choose to have a nama tamago over rice.

Keisuke Gyoza King, mapo tofu don

How was Keisuke's rendition of mapo tofu you might wonder? I thought it was pretty good - savoury fermented bean sauce with bits of pork and also made better with that Szechuan peppercorn chilli thingy ladled over them on serving. It's not like Chen's Mapo Tofu though. Don't know if the nama tamago was supposed to be eaten together with that but I didn't. I'm gonna see if they would make it spicier if I come back the next time.

Keisuke Gyoza King, wasabi ginger beer

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