Thursday, November 25, 2021

Kin Kao Young, 313 Somerset

Kin Kao Young, 313 Somerset

This restaurant (B2-01/02/03, 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road) for some reasons reminded me of a localized and less polished version of Kub Kao' Kub Pla. Looking back in retrospect, I couldn't even pinpoint why was that so. Some of the food was a little sweet here.

Kin Kao Young, khao kha moo

Khao kha moo was not bad. Not one of the better we've had but still pretty competent. Can't compare the standards here to the ones in Bangkok of course. Which are cheaper and features better stewing. Enough of this already.

Kin Kao Young, tom kha gai

I kinda enjoyed their tom kha gai with the mild heat and tanginess but towards the end, the sweetness got to me. Broth was creamy, coconut-y and filled with mushrooms and chunks of chicken thigh.

Kin Kao Young, pork rib noodles

We had a bowl of pork rib rice noodles. Didn't expect to get so much pork ribs and ones at these sizes. Nice. These tender slide off the bone ribs were delicious with the garlic chilli dip. They costed about the same as a bowl of prime rib bak kut teh.

Kin Kao Young, steamed halibut thai sauce

Halibut steamed with lime, sugar, garlic and coriander. Fish was okay-ish. We ordered this because Thai steamed fish generally do not use halibut and we wanted to try it. Pretty good flavouring there from the tangy lime and garlic. Loved the heat but I thought there was a bit too much sweetness in their concoction.

Kin Kao Young, 313 Somerset

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