Monday, November 29, 2021

Re-visiting Gaston

Gaston, bottle

We enjoyed the food from Gaston the last time so we came back for more.

Gaston, bread

Still serving that sourdough.

Gaston, kir lillet vive

We started with some Kir and Lillet Vive...

Gaston, pôchouse bourguignonne

...before we were impressed with their pôchouse bourguignonne - a creamy seafood stew with some potatoes, mussels, a scallop and halibut. Pretty impressive seafood flavour in the salty broth which we had initially imagined to be tomato based. Shellfish were outstanding and fish was also delicious. Wiped the plate clean with their bread.

Gaston, skate sauce veronique

This was their skate Véronique, not the more traditional Sole Véronique because they had run out of Dover sole. While that sauce Véronique looked similar to the earlier fish stew, the flavour was a little different. Loved those grapes. Pretty sure the traditional one doesn't have ikura as well. Skate was very tender. Another delicious dish where we wiped the plate with bread.

Gaston, leek fondue

The sauce Véronique dish came with a side of choice. We ended up with their leeks fondue which was cooked in cream and probably butter and topped with crushed hazelnuts. Sweet, creamy and delicious.

Gaston, seared veal liver
Gaston, seared veal liver

Not forgetting their foie de veau et oignons caramélisés - seared veal liver with sweet caramelized onions. Outstanding veal dish with a solid salty crust from the sear and tender creamy livery on the insides which paired beautifully with the softened sweet onions. Impressed.

Gaston, Keong Saik Rpad

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