Saturday, November 27, 2021

Hoshino Coffee, Capitol Piazza

Hoshino Coffee, cheese tea

This branch of Hoshino Coffee (#B2-55 Capitol Singapore, 13 Stamford Road, tel : +65 6384 5131) had always looked appealing as a sit down location compared to their others. Since we were attracted by their Hokkaido menu, it was a chance to see if it felt as nice actually sitting in. In other news, that above about was my first cheese tea. I get why people enjoy it - the salty cheesiness with the light sweetness.

Hoshino Coffee, omu souffle seafood risotto lobster bisque

The name for this dish was kinda long. Some like Omu Souffle 'Hokkaido' Seafood Rissoto with Lobster Bisque Soup. Yes it was spelled rissoto. If one didn't get hung up on that, it was actually a pretty decent wet rice/porridge thing with lobster bisque flavour. Found myself enjoying that omu soufflé which was soft and wobbly. Seafood was of the frozen variety and passable. The curious thing about this plate was the little blob of cream on top of the omu soufflé which was sweet. I liked that sweetness here though.

Hoshino Coffee, hokkaido oyster spaghetti

Wouldn't recommend their Hokkaido oyster spaghetti. Oysters were really small and not particularly impressive tasting. At all. Pretty sure that the prefecture of Hokkaido would not have been proud to have these represent them. This plate reminded me of 星洲米粉 or 香港面. Not even as tasty as their Hoshino spaghetti

Hoshino Coffee, maritozzo

That Hokkaido maritozzo looked and sounded good. Wouldn't get it again. The cream for some reasons tasted flat without any nuances. When paired up with the azuki, it all became pretty sweet and the cloy set in quickly. Something just didn't taste right with this.

Hoshino Coffee, hokkaido mille crepe

Their Hokkaido mille crepe fare much better. That slightly salty creamy sauce was good pairing with the layered crepe.

Hoshino Coffee, Capitol Piazza

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